It has been a few years, but retarded wikipedia is still the same garbage as usual. It is getting worse.

Those admins are still spending most of them pissing people off instead of editing!

I tried to add something in one of the articles. Those retarded admins revert my edit because they say that I need articles to prove what I added. Otherwise, it is “vandalism”.

For example, do I need to find an article if a store’s front was painted in a different color just recently? And I can show a photo of it. It is just a simple observation, but those retarded wikipedia admins won’t allow that addition. Of course, no one is going to write an article about the color change. Then they want to ban my ip address.

Those idiotic admins just think that they are so “powerful”. They don’t get any respect in real life, that is why they enjoy volunteering their time doing it for free.

Wikipedia will never get any better.

as we all know, wikipedia is a garbage collecting site. it collects any garbage it can find, then just put all the garbage in the article. that is why no credible news media will ever quote anything from that garbage site.

its own articles in different languages always contradict themselves. that means, they can’t even quote each other. lol, how stupid is that.

for example, the english language of acupuncture states as a “scientific” fact that it is a pseudoscience. on its chinese language, it praises acupuncture highly. in other languages, they don’t even call it pseudoscience.

the reason that wikipedia calling acupuncture a “pseudoscience” is because a Ph.D. called George Baran is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Temple University.

really? if you are sick, are you going to see the mechanical engineer or a real physician? who gives him the authority to talk about medicine? how many minutes did he actually spend time on studying acupuncture?

if he submits an article about acupuncture will any medical journal actually publish it? very unlikely. he doesn’t even have the scientific background to study it.

now you see why wikipedia is a place for people to submit all kinds of garbage. wikipedia admins are not well educated, they can’t really think scientifically, they just let people put whatever garbage they find, then churn them into one article.


it quoted from another web site, and posted “The seeds are used to make tofu and tempeh.”

it is a common sense that only soybeans are used to make doufu (the correct chinese name for it.)

who has used lablab beans to make doufu? if you know any examples, be sure to post a comment.

what can you expect though, after all, wikipedia is managed by idiots, controlled by morons.

wikipedia claims that they are always “correct”, but they are lying to everyone.

one simple example is that they often randomly assign nationality/citizenship to random people. just because someone was born in a country, that doesn’t mean that person is automatically that country’s citizen! that is a simple fact.

even if wikipedia has checked those people’s passports, they can still possibly have other countries’ passports. it is not uncommon at all.

here is an example, chinese president xi jinping has a daughter – xi mingze, according to wikipedia, her nationality is chinese. does that mean wikipedia know for sure that she doesn’t have another country’s passport? even if she was a chinese citizen before, she could have just got a new passport from fiji today.

so it is VERY WRONG for wikipedia to randomly assume people’s citizenship, then put them on wikipedia as if those information was absolutely correct.

and wikipedia has no shame of doing that.

part 2.

in the english version, xi mingze has a page of her own.  but in the chinese version, somehow, her page was forced to be combined with his daddy. some people say that wikipedia chinese version is now partially controlled by the chinese communist party, because it has started to self censor long time ago.

if the english version can have a page for herself, what is the reason that chinese version must combine her page with her dad? the reason is quite simple, because the chinese communist party doesn’t want people to know anything about her. that is why her name is prohibited on chinese web sites, chinese version twitter, etc.


It is 2015, and this old article still has :”mr. latin america will be held in 2012″!

that just proves if wikipedia is not a trustworthy site at all. those OCD admins only care to piss people off, to abuse their power, they obviously are not spending their time updating the actual articles.

just go check out “lance black”s wikipedia article editing history, the wikipedia moronic admins don’t want you to know that lance black now has a boyfriend, and his boyfriend is the UK diver tom daley! even though it was already old news, but retarded wikipedia admins keep deleting or reverting that piece of news in that article.

don’t know what they were thinking? the entire world already heard the news that those two were dating, it became public right after tom daley posted his coming out video on youtube last year. that was so many months ago. the stupid admins didn’t stop doing that until may of this year. it took them that long to realize that they can’t hide the truth any more!

did lance black ask them to stop posting that? i doubt that, after all, they were dating openly. or did the wikipedia dictating owners ask the admins to do that, because they are homophobic? what is the reason to delete and revert the news about those two dating, living together?

why do those OCD admins keep truly vandalizing wikipedia like that? do they feel powerful because they can do whatever they want on wikipedia? they are the reason why people don’t use or edit wikipedia as often as before, because of the bad leadership and awful managing skills!

talking about being accurate! wikipedia has full of errors, it tries to hide the truth, it purposely try to confuse or brainwash the readers, that is the fact. now you know!

So I was reading about a celebrity’s gay scandal, while searching for more information, of course, google listed his wikipedia on the top list. (google should seriously stop putting wikipedia on its top list. )

then i read the article on wikipedia, i was surprised that there was no mention of any of his gay scandal at all. so it is clear that wikipedia is becoming a self-censored propaganda machine.

it claims to be “neutral”, but lots of times, it won’t allow people to add “bad” things that happened to certain celebrities. they let people post naked dirty sexual pictures, but it won’t let people to add real stories on the site!