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as we all know, wikipedia is a garbage collecting site. it collects any garbage it can find, then just put all the garbage in the article. that is why no credible news media will ever quote anything from that garbage site.

its own articles in different languages always contradict themselves. that means, they can’t even quote each other. lol, how stupid is that.

for example, the english language of acupuncture states as a “scientific” fact that it is a pseudoscience. on its chinese language, it praises acupuncture highly. in other languages, they don’t even call it pseudoscience.

the reason that wikipedia calling acupuncture a “pseudoscience” is because a Ph.D. called George Baran is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Temple University.

really? if you are sick, are you going to see the mechanical engineer or a real physician? who gives him the authority to talk about medicine? how many minutes did he actually spend time on studying acupuncture?

if he submits an article about acupuncture will any medical journal actually publish it? very unlikely. he doesn’t even have the scientific background to study it.

now you see why wikipedia is a place for people to submit all kinds of garbage. wikipedia admins are not well educated, they can’t really think scientifically, they just let people put whatever garbage they find, then churn them into one article.


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