OK magazine, November 11th of 2013, issue #45. page 76.

wikipedia listed this person’s age wrong!

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this garbage online pornography “encyclopedia” claims that it has a policy of “neutral point of view”. 

It is common sense now serious news media, academic institutes never use anything from wikipedia, but many people may still believe that wikipedia’s articles are always neutral. well, that is totally garbage, untrue at all. 

here is a perfect example to show you why wikipedia is full of biased articles. The Nanjing Massacre, that is name that is used by every language of wikipedia, expect the japanese version, which it is called “nanjing incident”. so suddenly, a massacre was changed into an incident? if that is not biased, what is it? If wikipedia is really neutral, how come the same massacre has a different name in japan which was the country who sent soldiers to kill plenty of people in Nanjing, China. 

This simple and clear example just proves that wikipedia has full of biased articles, errors, etc. It can never be trusted. I am sure that there are plenty of other good examples to show why wikipedia is politically motivated biased garbage web site. 



this should be obvious to you.

for example, japan is the only country in the world that uses japanese. so the people who edit those japanese version of wikipedia will mostly be japanese. therefore, their views will be mostly japan oriented, especially those political articles. Because those things are not like mathematics which will only have one standard answer. 

So if it is an article about japan invasion of asian countries, what would the korean version of wikipedia have? Most likely, the korean version will be at least somewhat different than the japanese version.

So for one simple historical event, every language version of wikipedia will be different. it is indeed the case. then what is right, what is wrong? how can you tell which one has the correct information? you can’t.

for those official real encyclopedia books, whether it is online or print version, in whatever language, their information will be unified, and in one version only. 

another example, masturbation. how is the arabic version different than the english version? you can check it out for yourself. in the english page, it has naked real color pictures of men and women masturbating, but in the arabic language page, it only has a drawing which was published in 1911, and it is 2013 already! 

one more example, vagina or penis. english version has plenty of color pictures, arbic version has only one simple drawing. and english version has an article about “human penis” with human penises in various pornographic stages, but arbic version has none. human penis is not a novelty, then how come arbic language doesn’t even have an article about it? do those people not know that human males have penises? the only reason is that arbic wikipedia self censors its articles. and wikipedia claims that it is an “encyclopedia”, yet it doesn’t even have an article about human penis. and will the founders of wikipedia ask the arbic people to add an article about it? will those people ever have any article about human penis? it is unlikely that it will happen anytime soon. 

why are those sex related articles often “protected” by those wikipedia ocd admins? the reason is simple, because people have different views about those things, they all want to add their points. those ocd patients working at wikipedia are certainly not sex experts, so what they are doing entirely depend on their own education. it has nothing to do how to make this fake encyclopedia better at all. 

so if it is the same topic, shouldn’t different language version of the same article have the exact same information? why are they so different? 

once again, how can we know that which language version is correct? and why do some language versions censor certain topics? shouldn’t information be free to all people? 

random articles are edited by random people all over the world make the entire wikipedia full of errors, totally unreliable. 

that is the reason why universities, news media never allow their people to quote anything from wikipedia. 

It doesn’t matter what language you speak, just go to any language version of wikipedia, and search for “masturbation”, you can see plenty of dirty pornographic pictures. also, search for “pubic hair”, you will find plenty of dirty pictures, too.

“best of all”, be sure to click on those different languages of the same article, you will see porn pictures from all over the world.

Wikipedia is indeed an international version of porn site, people are willing to submit their own dirty pictures to be included in this pornography encyclopedia. 

As mentioned in a previous article, wikipedia is a communist web site, it offers “free” information, which is used to brainwash you to believe whatever they have on their web site. 

and every wikipedia admin is a total communist dictator. they have absolute rights to ban anyone, delete anything they don’t like to see, there is absolutely no laws at all.

they can just make up excuses like those communist leaders, they can’t put you in jail. but they can ban your account, ban your ip address, block you forever! and they don’t even have to go to fake trials which at least those communist countries try to do. if they don’t like you, they can just block you forever. it doesn’t matter what you edited or wrote, anything you wrote on there can be instantly deleted forever. 

where else in the world that a serious encyclopedia editor is not required to have at least a college degree?   only on wikipedia, even an elementary school student can be an admin as long as he has no life and no friends, so he can “devote” all his free time for that communist web site. 

also, how do we know that those wikipedia admins don’t have psychological issues? they are not even required to submit their photos, contact information, all they need is an account, that is it. with that kind of management philosophy, no wonder wikipedia is going downhill by the seconds!

I wrote not so long ago about wikipedia being a communist web site. 


Now it seems that wikipedia communists still need dirty porns to fulfill their empty lives other than spending hours and hours on editing those non-sense articles. Therefore, under the free for all philosophy, wikipedia offers free daily heterosexual porns for people all over the world! Its international versions also have all kinds of pornography images, etc. 

such as this chinese wikipedia actually has daily porn pictures and porn star biographies!


for daily dirty porn pictures, click here.


Clearly, Wikipedia hates gay people. Therefore, this chinese version page doesn’t have any gay porn stars at all. there is no daily gay porn star biography, either. 

It comes back to my other point about this site, it is full of jobless nerds who have nothing better to do with their lives, therefore, they can only watch porns, and edit wikipedia. Those two things truly compliment each other. After those jobless losers finish watching porns on the internet, they then go back to wikipedia to submit those porn pictures and edit those porn star biographies. 

I thought that wikipedia doesn’t allow copy rights violations, but it seems to me that those porn pictures were all stolen from those porn sites. Isn’t that a violation of the copy-right laws?



As we all know, wikipedia is going downhill, but it won’t disappear, because it has attracted too many OCD bullies. Their mere existence certainly won’t allow their lifeline – wikipedia to disappear. Without wikipedia, their life will be totally meaningless.

Those online OCD bullies spend all their life on that site, they don’t even have time to watch news now.

Are they all fans of George W. Bush? Because they are using the same tactic that he has used, it is called “shock and awe”. Those online bullies are extremely aggressive, they first revert what you wrote, then they leave you bunch of totally aggressive warnings on your talk page, tell you that you are in “violation” of rules. you need to step back, read those stupid rules first. I have never met any admins and their posse who actually spend time to edit any article first before they revert. They have been using the same shock and awe tactic since day one. It seems that they are become more aggressive. They will accuse you with all those lame big words warnings, such as vandalization. After all, why would any normal people intend to “vandalize” it, they just want to add what they know. their intentions are totally good and benign. but that is what what those OCD bullies think, they think that everyone is on that stupid site to vandalize. Therefore, they will not hesitate to block your account, your IP address for a while or even forever. That is how crazy they are.

In real life, even those murderers get trials. It is not the case on wikipedia, there is no way that you can argue with those bullies. they will just ban you forever. I am sure that they have a long lists of all the banned IP addresses, accounts, etc.


To make the following personal encounter simple to understand, here is a brief version first. For example, I added obama is running for president again without giving the new source to an article. One bully wikipedia admin reverted my edit, then sent me several warnings for “vandalism”. After I added new york times news article web site to what I added, that bully still reverted my edit. He then accused me of using sock puppets, protected that article for “repeated vandalism”, banned my account and IP address. Even today, that article still doesn’t have what I added.


I just met one recently. I added some recent news report to an article. For example, I could have added “obama is running for president again” without giving the news source. Unfortunately, an online bully immediately found me. so he reverted my edit right away several times. If he had time to watch or read news reports, he won’t be so ignorant. His excuse was that I added something without the proper sources, therefore, it is considered as “vandalism”.  He then left me some nasty comments with lots of special wikipedia symbols. you know that those kind of OCD bullies have spent too much time on there, because instead of typing the words, they actually memorize all those wikipedia jargons together with those special symbols that they have to type in order to make them show on your talk page.

He had time to revert my edit, but he didn’t have time to edit what I wrote. Seriously, if he just does some simple research, he can easily find plenty of news sources to verify what I added. Oh, no, he didn’t do any of that, he was just too happy in his own la la land. He wrote that it is your responsibility to add it. Apparently, his job is to revert and revert like a crazy machine. Therefore, that is his sole task. It is like I added “romney is running for president now”. most people know it. should i waste my time finding and adding a news article web site link that states the obvious thing in order to get what i wrote published? you see, how ridiculous this is.

I thought that I was doing them a favor for adding something new to the article. Instead, they are wasting my time, and pissing me off. So I gave up, I found a world famous, very well known news agent’s article web site, and added that to what wrote in that article. I thought that , well, now you can’t revert what I wrote any more, because I have added the news source. And you can verify it yourself. Still, a few minutes later, he reverted what I wrote. He called what I wrote as “repeated vandalism”, and accused me of “using sock puppets”. He then “protected” that article due to “repeated vandalism”, banned my IP address for more than a month.

That is why wikipedia is a communist dictators haven. Because they banned my account and my IP address, I can’t even complain to them at all. They didn’t have to go through trials, hearings, etc. I am basically banned by one single dictator. There is absolutely no democracy on that site at all. It is basically those nerdy jobless bully admins versus us – the common people. And we the common people will never win. We are always wrong, they are always right.

That is why they have no life, have serious OCD, and that is why they are online jobless nerdy bullies!

I didn’t realize this before, but now it is quite clear. wikipedia is a place that harbors bullies and trains future online bullies.

In order to get anything published on wikiedpia, you have to be very aggressive, be a bully yourself. Leave comments on those bullies talk pages, tell them that they are vandalizing wikipedia, you are going to report them, etc. if one comment is not enough, you leave them several. to deal with those OCD bullies, you have to be more powerful, use those wikipedia symbols on their talk pages. that is what they do for fun. you bet, they all have high blood pressures, they probably are a little psychotic, too. after all, who would enjoy sitting in front of a computer pissing other people off all the time. if they want to help, they can add references, change what you wrote to make the article better, instead of reverting all the time like a machine on drugs.

If all those people in all different countries who waste their time operating wikipedia actually go plant some crops, I am sure that there will be no more hunger in this world.